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WMARSS Board Members:

Adam Miles, City of Hewitt
Craig Lemin
, City of Robinson
Joseph Pace, City of Lorena
Keith Bond, City of Lacy Lakeview
Bo Thomas, City of Bellmead
Dale Fisseler, Chair, City of Waco
Yost Zakhary, City of Woodway

*All board members may be contacted by clicking here.

The WMARSS board is an advisory board with each member city appointing a representative. The board reviews operational issues and capital projects at every meeting.

Meetings are generally held quarterly at the City of Waco's Riverside Water Treatment Administration Building at 200 Colcord Avenue.


Waco Metropolitan Area Regional Sewerage System • P.O. Box 2570 Waco, Texas 76702 • Bellmead • Hewitt • Lacy Lakeview • Lorena • Robinson • Waco • Woodway